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If you have been looking for a sedan model that will keep you safe on all roads, we know how we can help. As your Toyota dealer Elkhart, we have created an incredible selection for you to search through when you need to find a vehicle. We have a wide variety for the reason that each person is looking for something different. Some may be looking for an SUV or truck, while others need a sedan to help them get to work and school every day. No matter what you are looking for, our Toyota dealership near you is going to be able to help. We are Heart City Toyota, and we hope that we will make car buying simple! With an incredible selection and fair dealings, you will be able to find the right Toyota used cars for you.


Toyota Elkhart

The used Toyota Avalon is a popular model because of its modern details and comfortable ride. If you haven’t driven one of them before, you are missing out! It’s easy to schedule an appointment for a test drive at our Toyota Elkhart location. When you are in the vehicle, you can test all the buttons and knobs that you want! You can also take your time exploring the useful options like the backup camera, remote entry, and heated seats.


We know that prices can get in the way of someone buying a vehicle, but that’s why we offer our selection of used Toyotas. Everyone should have a chance to own a car they like with high-quality features, style, and power. No one should have to settle for cheaper makes and models because of their financial situation! That’s also why we offer some of our most popular models, like the Toyota Avalon, at the used price range at our Toyota dealer Elkhart. You can go to our updated site to see this selection for yourself. It’s easy from there to contact our team about the Avalon if you want to test drive it. Or you can quickly get an estimated price and figure the value of your current vehicle as a trade in. We set all this up on our Toyota Elkhart website so that you can start the car researching process from home anytime! The other plus to starting online is that you can save the cars you like to drive for a test drive appointment at our Elkhart branch. It can really help you speed up the whole process, and after all, that is our goal as your local dealership. We know that you can’t pause work or school just to find another car that can help you get there. We will always step up to make the most of your time spent at our dealership.


Our team is ready to help you shop for a car that will make your life simpler and help you feel more comfortable on the road! We will be here the whole time to ensure that you can get answers to all your questions about our Toyota used cars.

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